About Us

BreachTape is a company that stands for innovation and progress. We help clients to transform and succeed in overcoming challenging circumstances. CRM, ERP, Social Media Management, Content Delivery Networks(CDN), Document Management Software, Scanning & Digitisation, Custom Application, Web Portal and Digital Marketing are what we focus on in delivering quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We believe in developing a perfect delivery engine and aligning ourselves with emerging business needs.

Whether you require complete digital transformation, a new cloud solution, a platform for gathering intelligence on markets, customers, suppliers, or employees; better run sales, teams, operations, practices and processes; manage customer communications; drive efficiencies; or build new solutions to meet market, business and real-world requirements, BreachTape can help deliver the right technological solutions.

At BreachTape, our robust and strategic partnerships are one of the fundamental pillars of our business strategy. We have invested in building our Partner Ecosystem that helps in creating distinctive partnerships which offer mutual business-growth opportunities. We seamlessly align our in-depth industry and technological knowledge with our partners’ innovations in order to meet your business requirements. Some of our technology partners are Delta Electronics; Newgen Software Technologies; Tata Communications Limited; Cellebrite; and Gumbi Software.